Adrienne Ross, a multi-media journalist, is also a widely known communications professional based on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. She’s gained hard-won experience working with high profile international political figures, as well as individuals and corporations in the government and private sectors with media and crisis communications counsel.

In her career, Ross has advised many members of global leadership including His Excellency Ambassador Said Jawad of Afghanistan and others from the Government of Afghanistan. Ross is credited with helping to leverage the American public opinion in the summer of 2008 to foster improved dialogue among the White House, Members of the United States Congress and the Government of Afghanistan. Her behind the scenes work helped thaw relations and understanding between the two governments during a time of deep distrust and uncertainty. 

Ross has also worked on Capitol Hill for Republican Leadership in the United States House of Representatives where she helped craft and execute the media strategy for the Republican Majority on behalf of the Chairman of the Conference. She was also actively involved in establishing bi-partisan support for the Women of Iraq while leading media relations for the first all-female Congressional Delegation to the region and participating in the UN Donors Conference for Iraq in Madrid. At home, Adrienne has provided communications guidance and counsel to Federal Agencies, Members of Congressional Leadership on both sides of the aisle, and to foreign nations looking to improve communications with the United States Government and other countries. 

Ross currently works as a freelance journalist for major National cable outlets, including the Fox News Channel while providing consulting services through Ross Communications and Media Strategies. She specializes in crisis communications and public affairs. A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ross is a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. She has taught media and television journalism at her alma mater and frequently serves as a guest lecturer at many of the colleges and universities in the Washington, DC area. Ross speaks French, introductory Dari and Arabic and is working towards fluency in Spanish.